National Eczema Association

Chicago Support Group


Eczema stinks!

Both being affected by eczema in one way or another, Erika and Nathan embarked on a journey through the National Eczema Association to help eczema sufferers in Chicagoland realize there is a support network for them! We want nothing more than for people affected by eczema to be well informed and feel relief from their itchy skin.

Erika's 13 year old son, AJ, has had eczema all his life. At age 5, his eczema went from mild to severe with no apparent reason. He was absolutely miserable and after many, and I mean many, doctors of all specialties and sleepless nights we heard what we never wanted to hear: they couldn't do anything more for him. How was it possible that he looked so awful and felt so horrible and there was nothing they could do? It was an answered prayer when we found the National Eczema Association. We packed our bags and headed to Atlanta for the 2012 conference a few days later. It changed our lives; and that is an understatement.

Once covered head-to-toe in eczema, AJ's skin is now about 90-95% clear. Though he has some areas of discoloration (he calls them war wounds!) due to the years of inflammation and topical medications, most of his skin appears completely normal-as if nothing ever happened. AJ is so happy he's back to being a normal kid wearing shorts and sandals and swimming in the pool in the summer.  Eczema is no longer front and center in our lives! 

Hi everyone. This is Nathan. I'm a finance professional in the loop. I've had eczema since I was two weeks old and I've been living with it for 28 years. While I haven't completely outgrown it, between treatments and getting older I can say it's under control and I spend a lot of time "eczema free" these days. Let's make the Chicago eczema support group awesome!